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Recent job title debates could also affect SEO jobs

Recent job title debates could also affect SEO jobs

Over recent weeks, the media has been full of reports that the Royal College of Surgeons are lobbying the government to put legal restrictions on the title of ‘Surgeon’. The arguments for such an action are many, but will likely have a definite effect on many non medical professions should such a law be passed; the subject has again thrown focus on job titles in general.

All across Britain, from Liverpool to London, there has been a definite increase in the number of different job titles and the complexity of them. It is also a trend which seems to affect those workers further down the pecking order.

After all, there is little complexity about ‘CEO’, ‘Managing Director’ and ‘Chairman’ and so on.

Drift down the ranks a little though, and there are wonderfully exotic titles like ‘Dairy Product Delivery Coordinator’, ‘Vision Clearance Engineer’ and ‘Ambient Replenishment Technician’.

There are those who argue an inflated job title goes some way to counter the lower wages. However, even in many well paid or equally rewarding positions, there are some spurious job titles that have appeared in the last decade or two.

Domestic Engineer anyone?

It is something which affects SEO jobs too.

Recent searches on job sites have revealed such glamorous titles as ‘Junior Online Content Creator’ or ‘Search Engine Results Champion’. For those down-in-the-dumps SEOs looking to boost their business card appeal, there are even SEO job title generators.

However, whether anyone really wants to be known as an ‘SEO Evangelist’ or ‘Organic Search Engine Accelerator’ remains to be seen.

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