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Quantity or Quality with your website’s content?

Quantity or Quality with your website’s content?

Some people like the finer things in life, whether that relates to food and drink, clothes, cars or even houses. It’s quality that matters, and they’re willing to sacrifice the quantity in order to ensure they get the best.

Other people however chase the quantities, and will sacrifice quality in order to get more. They’ll drink the cheapest lager at the pub because they can drink more if it costs less, they’ll buy cheaper brands that give them more for their money and they’d never consider buying a house based on location.

In SEO however, which is better? Whether you’re talking about your website’s content, or the links you build for your site, quantity is important – of course. The more you have, the better your website will rank. Yet, while quantity is important, it’s not everything. Simply adding content to your website for the sake of it isn’t going to get you those repeat visitors, it isn’t going to get you those all important links and it isn’t going to be good enough for your site to be included in publishing directories, such as Google News for example. No, with content it’s quality that’s important.

This doesn’t mean you should drop your quantity to just one piece of content per week though. You still need to keep up regular content, but you need to be mindful of the quality of the content that you are producing. Less is more, but more is even more again!

The same applies to links to your website. The greater number of links that you add, the better – but only if they’re of sufficient quality. One top quality, relevant link from a high ranking website is better than hundreds of low quality, irrelevant links. Of course, hundreds of top quality links are even better again.

With SEO you really can’t sacrifice the quality, as it’s quality that Google wants to promote. Without quality, you’re giving Google no reason to promote your website.

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