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Pushing for Twitter followers

Pushing for Twitter followers

Twitter can be a tricky site to tackle as part of your off-page search engine optimisation campaign. There are so many businesses trying to get attention on Twitter, and only so much attention to grab. The rewards of a successful tweet campaign are great, but they are usually very hard-earned.

No Twitter campaign will succeed without a good number of followers. A decent following always takes a certain amount of time to build up, no matter which social media site you’re operating on. The main ingredient for any decent Twitter campaign will be the usual SEO standby, namely time. For those impatient site owners out there, there are luckily some other things you can do rather than sit around and wait.

The number-one rule – give

Some site owners aren’t happy with just waiting around for followers on Twitter. If this is you, you need to do something proactive to draw in followers. When pushing for more Twitter followers, the principle to follow is that of giving, rather than taking.

Internet users are used to having things offered to them freely. Anything that comes with a catch is going to give them pause, and scare them off. On this note, it is a good idea to offer something to draw followers in on Twitter. This something might be a prize in a competition, a newsletter if they join and subscribe to your site, or downloadable guides. Whatever it is, it has to be something that is clearly in the Twitter user’s favour, with no obvious strings attached.

Think about what would make you sign up to follow someone, and then offer that.

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