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Public still unsure about Google Glass, suggests research

Public still unsure about Google Glass, suggests research

More than two thirds of people would not feel comfortable wearing Google Glass in public, according to the results of a recent survey.

Love My Vouchers, a promotions and savings site, found that 68% of us would be embarrassed to be seen sporting Google’s innovative new wearable technology – suggesting that, at least for the time being, smartphones present the more preferable on-the-go platform for browsing social media newsfeeds, accessing maps and shopping online.

The survey polled more than 1,100 people ahead of Google Glass’ rumoured launch this April, and also found that the same number of individuals (68%) would be uncomfortable even speaking to somebody else who is wearing the tech-specs.

Of the concerns raised, the core issues related to privacy and safety. Almost three quarters (70%) said they would be worried about being filmed without giving their permission, while nearly 60% said they were concerned by issues such as people cycling while wearing Glass.

The device is expected by analysts to launch with a price tag of around $600. More than half (53%) of the respondents in the survey said they thought that price was too high, and 61% said they currently have no need for wearable technology.

Despite the findings of the survey, Google Glass has made headway in recent months in regards to its integration and compatibility with other products. A treadmill being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, for instance, can be controlled using Google’s wearable tech, and the Californian giant also recently announced that the operating system in the new Hyundai Genesis will come with a Glass-compatible app.

Richard Bell
  • Having your Google Glass smashed and being punched are going to be common occurrences from people who do not want to be filmed.

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