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Professional Writers and Public Figures

Professional Writers and Public Figures

One of the greatest attractions in a state visit, apart from the pomp and ceremony that inevitably accompanies such occasions in Britain, is the speeches made by the central figures. The interest often lies not in what is said, but in what is not said and is written between the lines. The charisma of the people involved also plays a great part. The passionate fervour displayed during the visit to Britain in May 1982 by the late Pope John Paul II was extraordinary, drawing non-Catholics to the planned events just to hear him and experience something of his unique appeal. World statesmen have always had the power to draw people to them; take for example Nelson Mandela or Bishop Desmond Tutu. However, the visit by Pope Benedict does not seem to hold this attraction for those outside the Roman Catholic Church, with tickets to many events being left unsold.

In business terms this can be translated as the power of a website to attract new customers at the same time as retaining old ones. The website content and copy must be fresh, honest and contemporary otherwise it will have minimal search engine optimisation (SEO) and will not rise in the search engine rankings.

Most public figures have professional speech-writers who are skilled in turning out compelling and rousing speeches. The article writing, content and copy on a website is the same as a rousing speech: to be effective it needs to be written by a professional SEO writer recruited through an experienced article writing service, and tailor-made for the occasion.

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