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Pride and prejudice… and web designers

Pride and prejudice… and web designers

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy

It is a universally acknowledged truth that a web designer in possession of some HTML skills and a rough idea of SEO is in want of whatever SEO jobs are going. Take the experience of the web gained through years of web design, combine it with a touch of search engine optimisation, and you have as perfect a match as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.

Unfortunately, just like Jane Austen‘s entertaining lovers, web designers tackling SEO jobs get off to a rocky start. Web design and SEO might seem like a perfect match on the outside, but it takes a little time and adjustment for things to run smoothly.

The problem, just as with the characters of Pride and Prejudice, is a slight lack of understanding. Web design comes from a completely different mindset to search engine optimisation, no matter how similar the two fields seem. Web designers often struggle with some of the fundamental areas of SEO because the purposes and strategies are quite different.

There is, at times, a small amount of acrimony between the SEO and web design industries. Just as web designers have to ignore some SEO principles when focussing on design, SEO experts have to rip apart design principles to make optimisation possible. There’s a lot of pride, and prejudice at play within the industry.

This is not to say that web designers shouldn’t attempt SEO jobs. Just like Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, the two should ultimately make a match. It is important, however, to be aware of the differences and try to work around them – and to ultimately understand that a design agency doesn’t necessarily know enough about SEO to offer you an effective service.

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