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Pretty websites attract links

Pretty websites attract links

As the song says… you U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi. If your site is a little U-G-L-Y, it’s really got no alibi when you’re on the hunt for who killed its links.

Links are sensitive creatures, and aren’t attracted to sites that are, well, ugly. This applies both in the visual sense, and in the sense that a site has to pass the U-G-L-Y test.

U – unsightly. The first thing a potential linking site sees is your site’s design. Design probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of search engine optimisation, but in fact smoothing out flaws in design is one of those little SEO jobs experts often have to do.

*G – gruesome text. If you’ve been reading up about SEO, you’ll know how important good content is. Good content can attract links: bad content can repel them. It’s important to invest in content written by a professional, who has experience of online copywriting.

L – link-desperate. Acting too hungry for links can put people off. Desperation is never attractive, and this applies to link building as much as it does anywhere else. It’s important to realise that link building is a negotiation, and to keep in mind what you have to offer.

Y – yawn-worthy. For organic SEO, you want natural links. These don’t happen if your site has nothing of interest to offer. Sitting down and thinking out the things you have to offer can be extremely helpful with link building, as it solidifies the assets you have when approaching others for links.

If your website is struggling to attract links, maybe it’s just too U-G-L-Y?

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