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Predictions for the next advancements in digital advertising

Predictions for the next advancements in digital advertising

The landscape of digital marketing is forever changing, so it’s important for businesses to stay one step ahead of the ecommerce game. Here are some ways in which advertising has grown over the years, and the directions we predict them to head.

From adverts to streaming

Looking back, digital marketing has almost come full circle in terms of the medium preferred by consumers. The 1970s saw the rise of television as the dominant force in advertising, with catchy jingles and clever slogans that had viewers hooked under their spell.

In today’s world, and looking forward into 2024, online video marketing is now more relevant than ever. With powerful platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram being part of everyday life for most people, social media is only growing in popularity and influence, with brands finding their social channels to be an instrumental asset in promoting their products.

As an echo of the television adverts enjoyed by audiences in the 70s, services like live streaming are an enhanced way of reaching people directly, zeroing in on their target audience and creating an interactive, real-time experience, to give viewers a sense of inclusion. Reels on Instagram and Facebook are also loaded with content, designed to subtly plug products without overloading the observer with information.

The problem with AI

Once upon a time, AI (artificial intelligence) was once a mere concept for a sci-fi film.

Now, it is an everyday reality, with a lot of companies relying on it for the operation of their businesses. When it comes to advertising your business, however, Google has made it clear that content written by AI will not be rewarded by the search engine. It will, instead, place greater importance on genuine human experience, and favour content by brands with their own unique voice.

So, while AI is still a useful tool in many aspects, blog posts and articles are best left to the people with real stories to tell.

The boom of online commerce

With many people now opting to shop online rather than visit instore, it’s important to give your customers a seamless experience when visiting your website.

It’s therefore important to ensure you have a polished, professional-looking online space, that ensures a smooth customer journey, unhindered by annoying pop-ups or ads. Integrated features like in-app purchases can also make it easy for consumers to purchase your products in one swift click.

If you’re looking to refresh your website with engaging content, or perhaps build a brand new one, reach out to our team at Engage Web today.

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