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Poll shows privacy issues can’t stop Google

Poll shows privacy issues can’t stop Google

According to Kingpin SEO, a recent poll was given to UK and US internet users and 83% of those questioned about their favourite choice when it comes to search engines still said Google, despite privacy concerns. This is quite a shocking figure considering the recent research carried out by the Pew Internet and Life Project that found 73% of those asked were “not okay” with more personalised search results and Google as the forefront of offering search results of this kind.

However, the fact that Google is still immensely popular within the online community is not surprising. It is widely known that there are those who are in support of the more personalised search results that are being provided. It would also be interesting to explore how many of those asked about their favourite search engine are fully aware of the new privacy laws and what it means for them. Recent research carried out by Big Brother Watch found only 12% of Google users had actually read the new privacy law and therefore were aware of how they would be affected by the changes.

Google has its followers and its place at the top when it comes to search in the UK and US and this is why it is so important to those running SEO campaigns to optimise for Google. Search engine optimisation methods must take into consideration the organic search results provided by Google but of course the other major search engines should also be remembered and catered for if websites are to get the traffic they want.

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