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Piracy: not always a rum deal

Piracy: not always a rum deal

The theft of online content and copyrighted material is a consistently hot topic in the press today, but pirates are not always a bad thing. This was exemplified on September 19, which marked ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013’.

The occasion was celebrated internationally, with many of the world’s largest companies joining in. In the U.S., for example, simply talking in a pirate’s tone when ordering at a Krispy Kreme counter earned the buyer a free snack.

In the UK, it was well celebrated too, with many people raising essential funds for the HFT charity. An organisation supporting those with learning disabilities and their families, the group used its own Facebook news feed to advertise the fact well.

All across the net though, web writers were getting involved with the fun; delivering pirated messages to their followers and visitors.

Bearing such wide-reaching events in mind is an essential tool for SEO copywriting services. The importance of relevancy in content is well documented, but staying in touch with what is happening right now takes online writing to another level.

It can go wrong though, with ill-conceived and, worse still, inappropriate content posted.

This is why professional writers and providers are essential for many firms in the UK to present themselves well.

Being able to take a current news or public interest story and turn it into something really workable for a firm’s brand image is not always easy. Done intelligently though, and well-written content can quickly direct customers to a business’s yo-ho-home page.

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