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Phone calls now possible with Google Voice technology

Phone calls now possible with Google Voice technology

Google Voice has made it possible for members of Google+ to make telephone calls using Google+ Hangout. The co-founder of Google Voice, Vincent Paquet confirmed that it was possible to make free phone calls to Canada and United States, while low rates were available for other countries.

In a Google+ post Paquet said:

“Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re graduating a third and very popular feature- ability to call a phone number from Hangouts. Calls to the US and Canada are free, and international calling rates are super, super low.”

The development follows in the success of Google Docs and screen sharing. While a user is in a hang out, another person can be dialled in using the ‘invite’ button and then on “+telephone”. Tap in the phone number before clicking on ‘add’. It is only possible to phone one number, as trying to contact a second number will terminate the original call. Google+ is gaining a reputation for becoming the most fulfilling video conferencing choice available. It has the best features and is free to use, which makes it a favourite with many. An article featured on The Next Web said:

“This is another feature that seems pretty focused on business purposes, becoming extremely useful for teams spread out in different locations.”

Google products constantly evolve, making improvements for users. The constant changes can make some SEO jobs more complex, but Google is an integral feature of any SEO campaign.

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