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Pheed social network attracts teen audience

Pheed social network attracts teen audience

A new social networking site is gaining in popularity with people in the 15 to 24 age group. Pheed was started from Los Angeles by O.D.Kobo, who created a self funded website and launched an iOS app at the end of 2012. Audio and photo streams are standard, while users can also add live feeds to broadcasts, videos and text. The homepage has been designed to be ‘in-your-face’ with an image of a heavily tattooed man.

Pheed is offered as a free app by Apple’s App Store, quickly becoming the number one download and beating competitors like Twitter and Facebook for over a week. It has been speculated that the younger audience is losing interest in Facebook, due to the increasing popularity of it with older generations. In contrast, 84 per cent of users of Pheed are aged between 15 and 24. Some famous names have shown interest in the new social networking site, including The Game, Miley Cyrus and Nas. However, Kobo states that celebrities are not paid to promote the site. One of the reasons why artists may be interested in Pheed is the copyright feature; videos and photos which are shared on the site are watermarked, which produces a line of text in grey, containing the username. Any material downloaded will contain the watermark.

The increasing interest in the new social media site could mean changes are needed to existing SEO campaigns, especially those companies which target the younger audience. Search engine optimisation includes social networking sites to build a brand and create familiarity among the target audience.

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