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Perspectives filter comes to Google mobile search results

Phone shock

Perspectives filter comes to Google mobile search results

Last month at the Google I/O developer conference, it was announced that a new feature called ‘Perspectives’ would be released. This would allow users to filter their search results to show a wide range of content types, including videos, blogs and forums.

You may be able to see this feature now. Search with Google on a mobile device and look out for a ‘Perspectives’ filter at the top of the search results. If you click it, you’ll be presented with a wide range of content formats related to the search query you’ve entered.

This will give you a perspective of what other people think about the topic. If you search for a marketing conference like SMX Advanced, for example, you’ll be able to see short- and long-form videos, images, and posts that have been shared across various websites, from YouTube to forums to social media platforms.

The following image from Search Engine Land shows how the new feature looks within mobile search:

Google Mobile Perspectives

How can this help improve the traffic to your website?

If you’ve written a blog from your own perspective about a specific topic related to your businesses products and services, you may show up in this new feature in mobile search. This increases your exposure within search results, and will likely result in more clicks through to your website.

How does this affect your content or marketing strategy?

If you have a content or marketing strategy for your business, you may want to look at recording videos about your perspective on a specific topic and upload them to a platform like YouTube. That way, you might show up in the new ‘Perspectives’ section of mobile search results. Consider also writing blog articles to share your perspective on a topic.

If you’re looking to develop a content strategy for your business and don’t have the time to write regular content to get in front of your prospective customers, get in touch with our friendly Engage Web team to discuss how we can help with our copywriting services.

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