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Parents not helping kids by completing homework

Parents not helping kids by completing homework

There are many parents who think that by completing homework on a child’s behalf, they are doing their child a favour. However, teachers recognise work that hasn’t been completed by a child, especially when it is free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Homework is given for a variety of reasons, including teaching the child to keep to deadlines. Parents who take over their kid’s homework may also be undermining their confidence, making them feel that they are inadequate as they don’t have the necessary skills to complete a project.

Kimberley O’Brien, child psychologist, advises that allowing a child to complete homework themselves, even while making mistakes, gives them a sense of achievement and pride when they have done something well. Improvement also gives parents the chance to heap on the praise for putting in the effort required to complete their homework on time, rather than concentrating only on results.

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