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Overuse of text messaging creates poor grammar

Overuse of text messaging creates poor grammar

Text messages have been blamed by teachers in Florida for poor English grammar, with many students forgetting the basic rules. Chatting on social networking sites has also been blamed, with text abbreviations and shortcuts used rather than correct grammar. Teachers are concerned that pupils have forgotten the rules of grammar learnt at elementary school.

Student Nancy Smith, 18 years old, admits she doesn’t see grammatical errors in her work, and doesn’t use abbreviations in her formal writing. One teacher blames the informal approach to communication on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Emails are also thought to be much too informal with abbreviations being commonly used, with very little capitalisation and punctuation. Dr Kimberly Bradley, who is the director of Flagler College Writing Centre, teaches creative writing classes and feels that the main issue is with commas, either under or overuse.

Another teacher believes that the limited use of characters when texting and chatting on social networking sites leads to students leaving out punctuation which becomes habitual. Writing for a website requires knowledge of English grammar as poor use of grammar and punctuation will create a poor image. A company that wants to accurately convey their professional image should consider outsourcing to a professional writer, preferably with English as their main language.

Just as the pupil couldn’t see any grammatical errors in her formal writing, many writers don’t appear to see errors that they have made in articles or web copy. Content outsourcing to an article writing service will ensure that the work is proofread by an editor who will spot grammatical errors.

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