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Outsourcing article submissions

Outsourcing article submissions

Article submissions are one of the fastest, most assured ways of building links. More importantly, because article submission websites are free, you’re not paying for links – so it’s considered an ethical form of link building by Google.

However, while writing article submissions and submitting them to countless article submission websites may be ethical, it is also very time consuming. Searching for and using countless websites takes a lot of time, as you have to create accounts on the sites, input user details and passwords, save them somewhere and then log in each time you want to add one.

Submitting articles to just a few websites can take you an hour – and to make it worthwhile you should be submitting dozens, at least. Worse yet is that you don’t know whether the websites you’re submitting your articles to are any good or not, or whether they’ll even publish your articles in a timely manner, if at all.

This is one area however where you can save time, and money, by outsourcing. When you use article submission services you can have your article submission professionally written for you and then submitted to as many high quality article submission websites for a fraction of the cost than it would be to do it yourself, or have one of your fulltime staff do it.

This way you can amass many high quality links, all from relevant pages of websites, very cheaply. Best of all, links gained through article submissions are permanent, unlike links that have been purchased through link buying – which are usually on a month-by-month, or 12 month basis.

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