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Online grammar needs to be ‘write’

Online grammar needs to be ‘write’

Research has again highlighted how important it is to use the right grammar online, after another embarrassing gaffe by a large UK retailer was spotted.

A survey carried out in the US by Standing Dog Interactive in March found that nearly 60% of consumers would be annoyed by basic mistakes and typos. With 58% responding that they would be ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ irritated by spotting an error, one person taking the survey said:

“If … I see a typo, I’ll leave without buying a thing.”

Such sentiments should strike fear into the hearts of online marketers with page content, newsfeeds and ads all to keep check of.

These recent findings by the US marketing agency also back up research carried out in the UK at the end of 2013. Translation firm Global Lingo revealed that 75% of consumers took notice of a firm’s grammar, with 59% saying that they would not continue with a purchase if they spotted a basic mistake.

Both sets of findings stress just how critical it is to get your online writing correct, but many marketing consultants worry that slipping standards are far more prevalent than just online.

Evidence seeming to back up this claim came recently from the retailer Tesco. During the branding of its own-brand orange juice, the chain made the claim that it was the “most tastiest” of drinks.

The double superlative did not beat schoolboy Albert Gifford, who took to Twitter to let everyone know. A sheepish apology from Tesco ensued and the mistake was fixed. However, it clearly highlights the importance of keeping an eye on the basics.

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