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Online entrepreneurs in Corsham invited to Google juice bar

Online entrepreneurs in Corsham invited to Google juice bar

Corsham entrepreneurs are being celebrated by Google with a Juice Bar later this week. Google is to celebrate the achievements of Corsham and help promising entrepreneurs who have developed online businesses. The Rural Digital Trailblazers list, introduced by Google to highlight rural communities with a population of less than 13000 with the highest increase in online business activity, showed that Corsham had achieved the second highest growth with an increase of 39.4 percent.

Google partnered with the Countryside Alliance to offer a complimentary advice Juice Bar for a day, to provide encouragement so that more companies aim to build on their online business activities. Allan Bosley, member of Corsham Town council, said:

“Businesses here are particularly attuned to making the most of the internet. The town council is currently exploring the idea of its own app, which will be launched at the beginning of August. Corsham also has very quick internet speeds, which has enabled many local folk to work from home and allowed businesses to open up to the international marketplace.”

Braunton in Devon had the highest increase in commercial activity, with 43.5 percent. Google claims that the Rural Digital Trailblazers list has been introduced to prove that a company doesn’t have to be in the large cities or industrial centres to start an online business and succeed.

Google plays a pivotal role in the development of an online business, largely featuring in the SEO campaign of numerous companies from Chester to Corsham and beyond.

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