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Online ads add more to OED

Online ads add more to OED

With web-based advertising an increasingly important element to master with digital marketing, it is unsurprising that some of the more common terms used in the industry are making their way into the dictionary.

The ad tech industry, that which controls the proliferation of online ads, has seen a raft of them enter this year’s version of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

High up the list were such favourites as ‘second screen’ and ‘clickbait’. However, some jargon, such as ‘sentiment analysis’, also got an entry. With the rules of OED entries dictating that a word must have entered common use, it shows that customers are becoming more comfortable with industry language.

Five of the most popular ad tech words entering the OED online version this year were:

• Second screen – the use of an additional screen, such as a tablet or smartphone, while watching TV in order that the audience can interact with the show or other media being viewed
• Tech-savvy – being comfortable with the use of and workings of modern technology
• Deep web – web content which is not-indexed by standard search engines
• Fast follower – people who stay ahead of new technology developments
• Subtweet – standing for subliminal tweet, this is a tweet about somebody without mentioning their name

Other terms getting an OED entry this year included ‘acquihire’, ‘geocache’, and ‘responsive analysis’. With the rate of change on the Internet and in technology in general, however, the lifecycle of these words and what they will be replaced by will likely alter by this time next year.

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