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Occupying top spot this year is… Um… Occupy!?

Occupying top spot this year is… Um… Occupy!?

The latest report from leading media analysis company, Global Language Monitor, is reporting that ‘Occupy’ is 2011’s most commonly used English word in the media stakes,

The study by the US based firm looks at both internet and printed media to compile its annual report, and is thus widely held in high regard by many professionals in the industry.

The reason for the heavy use of ‘occupy’ through the year is, in part, because of the anti-capitalist movements that have spread across many major cities of the world. Also driving its use though have been the political situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whilst no figures are yet available, its online volume is also likely to be as a result of SEO marketers. Catching on to a good thing, embedding the wor and its derivatives into targeted copy will inevitably affect the results.

Second in the list came ‘deficit’ which will not surprise many. Driven almost entirely by the financial woes that continue to affect both ides of the Atlantic, it is likely to be a regular entry in the top five listings for quite some time to come.

There was however a surprise at number three. ‘Fracking’, a controversial fossil fuel extraction process, enjoys its billing here.

To really understand what these figures means will take far greater analysis than looking at how often they appear on various media platforms.

Journalists are not shy of leaping upon bandwagons, after all, and SEO marketers likewise. However, modern day journalists do drive what people look for somewhat, so for those defining SEO strategies, there is no Deficit of information to Occupy the mind. Fracking hell!

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