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Obama wins – online and offline

Obama wins – online and offline

As it was confirmed that Barack Obama had successfully won a second term in office, it was also clear that he edged the social media campaign.

Across blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Obama content edged out those of his Republican rival, Romney. Whilst Romney’s final gratifying, “Thanks Guys” directed to his campaign team was heartfelt, it seems his SEO content writers were not quite up to scratch.

Breaking down the results of each platform makes interesting reading though.

Looking at blogs alone, Obama trounced Romney by 69% to 31%, with over 6,000 shares having taken place up until Wednesday morning, (7th November – UK time). Twitter again was a runaway success for the Democrat, with over 87% of shares heading his way.

The number of ads viewed on You Tube went to Obama too, as the 51-year-old President saw his adverts taking 62% of the total views. However, in an interesting quirk, Romney’s adverts attracted 58% of the comments.

On Facebook though, things were a good deal closer, with a near 50 / 50 split recorded.

In the real world, the 2012 US Presidential election was a far closer contest than four years previously. With Florida still yet to be declared, Obama had taken exactly 50% of the votes polled, with Romney taking 48.5%.

This near-final figure is very close to what the overall online picture was too, with Barack Obama’s total shares hitting 52%, (7,092,605), whilst Mitt Romney’s share totals was 48%, (6,568,976). It once again shows how online trends shadow life performances, in the UK and in the US.

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