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Nine-year-old girl spots 15 apostrophe errors in 15 minutes

Nine-year-old girl spots 15 apostrophe errors in 15 minutes

A schoolgirl has shocked her teacher by finding 15 glaring punctuation errors during a short walk around her local market.

Ammarah Mahmood and the rest of her class had been given the assignment by their teacher after a lesson on using apostrophes. They were given until the following week to find examples of their misuse, but Ammarah came to school the next day with photographs of 15 incorrect apostrophes. When teacher Sarah Rothera, 42, asked Ammarah if she had worked all night on the assignment, Ammarah told her that it had taken just 15 minutes walking around her local market in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

The most common error was incorrectly using apostrophes in plurals, such as in words like “Taxi’s” and “Drink’s”. Perhaps the best example, however, was:

“Pie’s, Pasty’s, Sandwich’s and Cakes”

which is notable because the writer managed to somehow get the last word right.

If you struggle with apostrophes and other punctuation when writing items for your website news feed, you’re not alone. Many people incorrectly use apostrophes in initialisms like “DVDs” and “CDs”. Others talk about the “1960’s” when it should be the “1960s”. “It’s” and “Its” are also often confused, and then what about other punctuation? Do you know whether to use a comma, full stop, or semicolon?

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to get a tailored news feed for your website: get a news writing service to write it for you. You’ll then have more time to work on your core business.

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