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New Zero Bundle made available for a limited time only

New Zero Bundle made available for a limited time only

Most web designers and developers will be aware of the ‘Zero Bundle’ giveaways which have become increasingly popular recently. With a huge collection of templates, resources and other useful things up for grabs, it comes as no surprise that people are racing to get their hands on them.

Available on the official Zero Bundle website at the moment, the latest offering seems to focus on icons and typography, which have grown to be hugely important with ‘flat’ design becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Among the most interesting offerings are the templates for bootstrap version 3.0, one of the most popular front-end frameworks. The recent incarnation is geared heavily towards mobile and tablet users, and provides a solid framework for responsive design.

The flat scroller template which is included with the most of the recent Zero Bundles poses an interesting question regarding SEO and single-page websites – the challenge of optimizing for this particular style of website is one we will address in a later article. This template shows how powerful bootstrap can be when combined with other additional libraries.

The navigation itself is based around a jQuery plugin called ‘ScrollTo’, which simulates a smooth scrolling motion, similar to the way in which the user would move around naturally. By using this type of navigation, a mobile or tablet owner can navigate the entire site as if it was a document, using the main navigation as anchor points to direct them to where they want to go. The rest of the document is, of course, available to them at the flick of a finger or the push of a link.

The iconography within the template is all pulled from a single source, the Font Awesome addition for bootstrap. This excellent collection of icons ties in seamlessly with bootstrap and offers the latest usable icons for front-end development. The best thing about this is that they are all vector fonts and therefore scalable – no more searching for that gear or bin icon again.

Developers and designers certainly won’t want to miss out on this offering from Zero Bundle – it’s a great example of how powerful and flexible bootstrap is as a front-end framework.

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