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New website content opens Ireland’s history to thousands

New website content opens Ireland’s history to thousands

A three year programme to transcribe 19,000 deposition documents online finished in September this year. It has been a collaboration between the universities of Cambridge, Aberdeen and Trinity College Dublin, recording details of the 1641 Catholic uprising in Ireland. These were eye-witness testimonies of the uprising and have been previously unused by researchers because of the illegibility, bad punctuation and grammar of the documents. Now that these documents have been digitised and transcribed they are freely available to a wider audience over the internet.

Clarity and correctness in grammar and writing is important in business to attract and retain customers. The English language is evolving all the time, with new words and expressions being accepted by dictionaries. A professional writer is aware of this, especially one working for a professional copywriting service.

Outsourced content for business websites is in high demand because of the new business it can attract. Business is attracted in two ways, either directly by the customer using the website, or indirectly by search engine optimisation (SEO). Professional SEO writers use keywords as part of their articles or blogs, in such a way as to attract higher ranking on a search engine whilst reading naturally. Search engines use software to filter out sites whose content and articles are artificially stuffed with these keywords, so the skill of a professional copywriter is highly prized.

Whether it is writing fresh content from scratch or making existing documents available online, the value of a content-rich website cannot be under-estimated.

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