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New updates to Google Search Console help make sense of warnings


New updates to Google Search Console help make sense of warnings

If you have a Google Search Console account for your website (which you should!), you may have noticed new updates that help you better understand the warnings and actions you need to do for your website to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO).

The update seems to be in the process of being rolled out, so you may not see the new sections straightaway. Indeed, some of the accounts we have at Engage Web currently don’t have the new sections, while others do.

In the past, Google Search Console has had three sections in the Coverage and Enhancement sections of the platform – ‘Error’, ‘Valid with warnings’ and ‘Valid’. However, with the new update this is being condensed into two sections – ‘Invalid’ and ‘Valid’. Underneath this section, you’ll see what is invalid on your site (areas you need to focus on) and it will also suggest improvements to help your website’s content to be shown more in search results.

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Something you need to note is that the new update only affects reports in Google Search Console and doesn’t make any changes to the way Google crawls, indexes and ranks content in search results.

To conclude, with these new updates in the Google Search Console platform, this will enable you to more easily understand errors in the platform, giving you better information to help you prioritise what needs to be done on your site, giving you every opportunity to improve your performance in search results.

If you are looking to grow your business online, SEO is a strategy that could attract more people to your site in order to increase sales and leads. To find out more about our services, get in touch and have a chat with the Engage Web team.

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