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New subject matter experts for Facebook Groups


New subject matter experts for Facebook Groups

Social media giant Facebook has released a new feature for its groups, in which admins can assign members to be ‘Group Experts’.

When assigned as a subject matter expert, an individual will receive a blue ‘Group Expert’ badge that will appear next to their names, which Facebook hopes will make it easier for members to see any comments or posts they publish.

In addition to this, three new tools are being released to help these experts and group members to communicate with one another. These are:

1. Questions – if a member writes a post that appears to be a question, the format will automatically change to encourage other members to comment on the post.

2. Audio rooms – set to arrive to groups on Facebook this summer, live audio chat rooms will enable Group Experts and other members to communicate in a low-pressure environment.

3. Question-and-answer sessions – Group Experts will be able to host real-time Q&A sessions using a text format. All questions asked will be available for viewing in the comments, with questions that have been answered appearing in the main post as a stack that members can swipe through.

Admins can make a member an expert by searching for their name in the group’s member list and selecting “Make group expert” on the member menu. Then, the invited member simply needs to decline or accept the role. A member can also be invited to the role via the menu on any post they have created in the group. If the admins of a group feel a member should no longer be a Group Expert, they can revoke the role at any time.

Currently, Facebook is testing this new feature out in groups relating to gaming and fitness. As of yet, there’s no word on if, or when, it’ll be expanded to other group topics. However, this feature shows that Facebook is working on creating simpler communication channels for communities.

Clear and straightforward communication channels are equally important for businesses and their customers. If you need help in communicating with your customers on the web, get in touch with Engage Web today to see how we can help.

Emily Jones

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