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Snapchat frost

New Snapchat update receives frosty reception

Snapchat frost

New Snapchat update receives frosty reception

Picture messaging platform Snapchat introduced a new update at the end of 2017 to users in the UK, Canada and Australia. However, the charge does not seem to have been as big a hit as the company would have hoped.

Snapchat had promised its users that it would introduce a refreshed design at the back end of the year and began to roll it out for users since then. However, the update has received widespread criticism from users who have access to it, with some even calling for the changes to be reversed.

Furthermore, the latest set of reviews the app has received in the Apple app store indicate that the majority of users are not pleased with the revamp, with 83% of users giving it a review of under three stars.

Snapchat had hoped that this update would boost the company’s revenue after Q3 figures showed that the app had fallen short of the earning expectations of Wall Street. These figures led to a loss of $443m (£321m).

Part of the new redesign has seen the introduction of ads, fulfilling the aim of monetising the platform. These ads play in the middle of the Stories feature, which had seen some stagnation amidst growing competition from rival platform Instagram’s version of the feature.

Despite many users calling for the changes to be reversed will more than likely go unheard as this update was the first step the company has taken to generate revenue through ads.

As well as the introduction of adverts to the platform, the update saw some layout changes to the platform. Some users are calling these changes confusing as some aspects of the platform have completely moved from their positions before the update. Many users are complaining that the update should have made the platform easier to use, but instead has made it more difficult.

Twitter user @tommyxblake from Australia shared some screenshots to show the changes:


Snapchat Stories used to be a small row containing the handle of the user and a snapshot of the clip in a small circle, but as the above tweet shows, this has now been revamped into large boxes.

Furthermore, he explains that messages are no longer in chronological order. Snapchat has said that it has put more emphasis on showing the Stories of the contacts users connect with and keep in touch with the most first, so that they do not miss out on their content.

It seems that Snapchat will have to find the balance between introducing the features it wants, while and keeping its user base happy.

Alan Littler
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