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New product search feature added to Bing

Product search

New product search feature added to Bing

A new feature has been released on search engine Bing that enables users to search for products they want to buy, and Bing will return a list of businesses that sell that product.

The new feature gives searchers even more information about local businesses, and will allow businesses to increase awareness of their products through the Bing Places platform. The feature also incorporates star reviews, which will enable shoppers to easily get an idea of whether the business can be trusted.

The feature also allows searchers to look for topics, categories, and products, and also lets them see how much stock the business has in their local store.

You can see a GIF from SE Roundtable showing how the new feature works on Bing search here.

It has yet to be revealed how businesses can get their products listed on their Bing Places listing to take full advantage of the new tool, but industry experts, including Barry Schwartz of SE Roundtable, believe the products will come through local inventory ads or product markup.

What is product markup?

Product markup is structured data that is added to your product listings on your website. This gives search engines more information about the products you are selling, such as the price of the product, the product image and the brand.

If your website is built in WordPress and you use WooCommerce, this plugin normally generates the product schema for you.

To conclude, this new feature will be useful if you want to increase awareness of the products your business is selling within the local area of your business.

At Engage Web, we work with a wide range of local businesses who want to increase traffic to their website through search engines like Google and Bing. To find out more about our search engine optimisation services, give us a call today and chat with our team.

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