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New net names revealed

New net names revealed

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) has announced the list of submissions for the latest batch of global domain names.

The majority of claims have come from US based companies. However, throughout the world firms and organisations have also got involved.

In the UK, there have been a total of 40 applications.

It is thought that the large asking price, £118,800, would have put off many applicants. There is also a £16,000 annual renewal fee for a TLD.

The high cost is one reason there have been many detractors to the new scheme. Notable global companies have not taken part in the process. Coca-cola and Kellogg’s being two such names.

Conversely, other major names have taken part on a large scale. Both Google and Amazon have made multiple claims for domains. Indeed, both organisations have claimed .music.

This is likely to result in an auction, though with seven other organisations lodging a claim too, it could be protracted process. It is not the only domain to have multiple claims made for it though, with .home, .news and .shop also being popular.

The most popular has been .app. This has seen 13 separate claims made.

One domain which has not seen any claims though is .seo. With much conjecture about who would bid for the domain over the past two years, this is a surprise.

There have been four claims made for the .search domain. No recognisable search engine optimisation groups have made a submission though. Again, both Amazon and Google have.

Any objections to claims can be made over the next seven months, with Icann aiming to make the first batch of new domains live from April 2013.

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