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New name of shopping centre unpopular with locals

New name of shopping centre unpopular with locals

A shopping centre in Stoke-on-Trent has had a name change to ‘City Sentral’, following a redevelopment which is to be completed by 2015. Local residents are not happy with the new name and alternative spelling, saying that visitors to the area will consider the local residents of the town unable to spell.

A £350 million redevelopment programme is underway at the East West Centre, which will include over 70 stores, a large department store, restaurants and other food outlets, hotel, cinema and ample parking for 1000 vehicles. The new name will appear on billboards around the new centre, with developers hoping that locals will become familiar with the brand.

The name was created by Underscore agency, which said:

“The use of the ‘S’ in Sentral reflects the very nature of the scheme, Stoke-on-Trent as central, while also giving it stand out quality.”

However, not everyone approves of the unusual spelling, as St Joseph’s deputy headmaster, Mark Rayner said:

“In terms of grammar we are fighting a battle on many fronts, from text speak, on the Internet, even in emails now you find shortened words are creeping in.”

Another resident who spoke to BBC Radio Stoke thought that the new spelling of the name made residents of Stoke appear ‘thick’.

The reaction of locals seems to be a common theme throughout the world of commerce, where people look to correct spelling and grammar to convey trust and confidence. Content outsourcing to a professional agency is the only way to guarantee accurate and original copy.

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