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New LinkedIn feature helps make published articles more SEO friendly

LinkedIn mobile

New LinkedIn feature helps make published articles more SEO friendly

Writing articles on LinkedIn can be a great way to showcase your industry expertise, showing prospective customers that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy, and LinkedIn is making the most of this feature.

The business-focused social media site has now released some new features that can help you customise how your articles are shown in search results. This new opportunity can allow you to increase your potential search visibility and discovery – not only on the LinkedIn platform, but also within search engines like Google.

The new feature added to the LinkedIn published articles section enables you to customise the meta title and meta description of your article, so that you can influence how your article is shown in search results.

The feature also allows you to see how many characters are in both your SEO title and description – with the SEO title being 60 characters and SEO description being 160 characters.

How do I access this new feature?

You can access the SEO title and description section by going to the ‘Publishing’ menu on a new or existing article, and then clicking ‘Settings’. You will then see two options enabling you to customise both SEO tags.

These two new options only offer basic SEO optimisation for your article, so making sure you are writing useful content will be essential to help get your article ranking in search results.

It has also been announced that LinkedIn will soon also enable you to schedule your articles and newsletters on the platform. This will work in the same way as scheduling posts on your LinkedIn account.

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