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New Google tool helps small business maximise mobile web

New Google tool helps small business maximise mobile web

Google Mobilize is a new tool launched by the search engine giant to help small and medium businesses to maximise the benefits of mobile web. The new tool, Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages will make it easier for a small business to create a mobile landing page, and launch them using templates provided by Google.

The initiative was announced this week at the Think Mobile conference, which took place in London. Almost a third of purchases made by the British have been made using their mobile phone, according to research by Google. The tool will therefore be launched in the United Kingdom rather than United States. Websites which are mobile enabled make it easier to make purchases on a mobile phone, which is a huge barrier for m-commerce according to Google’s mobile advertising sales director, Ian Carrington. He said:

“It’s the biggest barrier today for m-commerce, and they are losing out to people who do have mobile optimised websites. Only 17 % of the businesses that we work with today have a mobile-optimised website.”

Other statistics which were provided by Carrington included the fact that 20 million people use the Internet from their mobile phone, which is an increase of 6 million from 2010. A Smartphone is owned by over a third of the UK population, with over half of these using their phone while watching television.

Improvements in technology mean that search engine optimisation techniques have to be constantly updated. A good SEO campaign will keep up to date with the latest, key developments that may affect rankings and traffic.

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