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New feeds please – Murray win causes jam

New feeds please – Murray win causes jam

News feeds the world over have been lit up since Andy Murray’s triumph at the All England Club on Sunday. However, research released yesterday showed that some websites struggled with the demand.

According to an independent study, Eurosport double-faulted, delivering Wimbledon final pages to only three quarters of its visitors.

Similarly, the Keynote study showed that those watching the final on Tennis.co.uk had to wait for as long as 15 seconds for pages to load.

Though the figures from the men’s final are headline, the sheer amount of sport taking place this summer has caused issues.

Discussing the web monitoring services findings, Keynote’s performance management expert, Robert Castley, said.

“From analysing site performance over Wimbledon this year, we can see how some sites have lagged behind and will have, as a result, lost some of their loyal visitors.

“In a world where the next well-performing website is only a click away, drops in service and lengthy load times should simply be a thing of the past.”

Castle also went on to stress the importance of making headlines easy to locate.

This is something any UK firm needs to understand, which is why so many now use professional SEO copywriting services. Get it right though, and the world of social media is an open door.

Indicative of this is the increase in Tweets about Wimbledon. In 2012, there were 2.5 million missives on the blogging site. This year, it was 6.6 million.

Twitter also confirmed that Murray’s ecstatic tweet, “Can’t believe what’s just happened!!!!”, had over 77,000 Re-Tweets in about an hour.

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