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New Facebook app allows users to create collaborative videos


New Facebook app allows users to create collaborative videos

Facebook recently announced that it has launched a new product that lets people make crowd-sourced videos.

The app, Facebook Riff, allows its users to pick a topic before shooting a video on the subject. Other people are then able to create their own visual content on the topic, which is then linked to the original. In this way, it is hoped by its creators that users’ collaborative efforts will produce videos people want to watch.

It has been reported that the app, which is currently available on both Androids and iPhones, will not feature any way to comment on or like the content on news feeds. In this way, the only method that Riff users would have to respond to posts would be to create a video of their own.

It was claimed that such a setup may help with the production of internet memes, as circles of friends can all come together to create interconnecting stories.

With Facebook having stated that the new app developed out of a “side project” that a few of its employees were working on after hours, it seems that it is not being given the same status as a number of its other standalone applications, such as Messenger. There have also been a few similar products released in the past, while Riff will not boast editing features or multi-shot recording, unlike Twitter-owned Vine.

However, with a pool of users numbering over a billion, Facebook may be confident that it can find enough people to make use of its Riff app.

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