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New concepts to approach SEO

New concepts to approach SEO

There are as many different approaches to SEO as there are people working in the many different SEO jobs available. However, it can be all too easy to get stuck in a rut and find that the work is not as effective as it once was. An article in Search Engine Journal last week helps to improve things.

One area that is suggested is to target competitive keywords using videos, instead of articles. It’s a concept which holds some water.

Though there will always be things that buck the trend, the most searched for terms tend to be the preserve of the big players still. This makes achieving decent rankings extremely challenging. By video marketing keywords this way, first page rankings are easier to achieve, with Google’s preference for returning such results.

There are caveats with this approach of course; many keywords do not natural align with videos, whilst good content is even more essential. With the right production though, greater success could be seen.

When looking for advice, stories and opinion, each searcher will be attracted by different things. Mindful of this, another relatively new approach which is proving successful for many is group interviews.

By their very definition, these produce a range of ideas and thoughts, thus making the content appeal to a wider audience. Link building is more effective, the number of social shares increase and greater levels of traffic are drawn.

In a world when increasing numbers of people are using more effective SEO, it is important that marketers put themselves ahead of the competition. Investing in new approaches is therefore the only way to go.

  • But the best and right idea is always working on content and keywords, because it is all about the keywords and the content exactly, if you know how really search engines work
    The great way is to track website’s position by keywords and compare the results with your competitor’s positions – you can manage it in a simple way using Colibri Tool for example – it is also fine because first it suggest your competitor and track also it’s position by the same keywords.

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