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NEW: Add Facebook and Twitter ‘message us’ buttons to your website

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NEW: Add Facebook and Twitter ‘message us’ buttons to your website

Whether or not you’re an avid user of social media websites Facebook and Twitter for business, you can’t deny their influence. Whether it’s for making new contacts, interacting with existing customers or drumming up leads, social media is a growing platform for business.

But where does this leave the humble website? Is a website now a relic of a bygone age, something that should be consigned to the annuls of history?

While it’s true that some businesses operate almost exclusively via social media, using Facebook Pages instead of a website, we shouldn’t be ready to read the last rites to websites just yet. Even though Facebook would have you believe otherwise.

Twitter recently launched a ‘message us’ button for website owners to add to their websites, so that visitors can click on the button and send a direct message (DM) to the business direct from the website. This was after Facebook launched, albeit very quietly, a similar system some time ago.

What this means is now both Twitter and Facebook message buttons can be added to websites. These should not be confused with the Twitter ‘follow’ buttons and the Facebook ‘like’ buttons, nor should they confused with the ‘share’ buttons for both platforms. No, these are brand new buttons with their own specific use. They add an extra method of communication between you and your customers to your website.

The Twitter message button is very easy to implement, while the Facebook button is more complicated. Luckily we’ve written comprehensive instructions on adding both buttons to your website here for Online Learning Academy.

If, however, you’d like someone to implement these buttons for you we’re more than happy to do that too. Just call us on 0345 621 4321 or email us at info@engageweb.co.uk and we can get your website set up to take messages via Twitter and Facebook.


Top tip: If you do decide to implement the buttons yourself, make sure you set your Twitter settings to receive DMs from people who you’re not already following – otherwise only people you’re following will be able to message you from your website. A lot of brands using Twitter for customer service haven’t realised that one yet!

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