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Music industry could benefit from Google streaming

Music industry could benefit from Google streaming

According to an executive from Universal Music Group, plans by Google to introduce a music streaming service could boost the record industry’s journey along the road to recovery. Universal Music Group’s global head of digital business, Francis Keeling, believes that Google’s plans to stream music could attract millions of people who are prepared to pay a subscription to listen to their favourite bands. The search giant is thought to be communicating with several companies similar to UMG about the streaming service, which may be similar to Spotify.

While attending the launch of the annual report by IFPI music industry body in London recently, Keeling said:

“We talk about for subscription services, the need to have a funnel. Google, with its hundreds of millions of users through search, YouTube with its more than 800 million users, arguably is the biggest funnel we could have.”

Keeling further added that encouraging users to subscribe through that route would have a huge impact on the industry. In an attempt to compete with Apple’s iTunes, which is accountable for over 60 per cent of digital sales, Google launched a music player in the US in that was cloud-based. This service has now expanded to Germany, UK and some European countries.

As Google plays a huge role in the SEO campaigns of up and coming talent, as well as established stars, the search engine company could have a positive impact on the record industry. According to Keeling, Google has a good relationship with Universal, home to stars like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, and smaller labels and promoters will look to emulate that. Search engine optimisation could well be the focus of music companies in the coming months, in anticipation of the launch of the service.

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