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msnNow getting more to use Bing

msnNow getting more to use Bing

msnNow is a Microsoft website that in recent weeks has been giving us the latest information on what topics people are talking about and searching for on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Breakingnews.com. Basically, msnNow tells us what is hot and what topics are of particular interest to the online community at any given time. This information does appeal to many and is getting the site a lot of attention. Not only this, but msnNow is also driving more traffic to Bing.

The stories and information featured on msnNow often include links and these links are to Bing searches. This is one way of getting more people using Bing without them even realising they are doing it and of course gets more attention and interest in the search engine too. Some are complaining about this approach and believe it is going to make Bing’s market share numbers higher than they should be. This is primarily because when a link is clicked it looks like a search has been carried out, but the trusty Bing search box is also present on these pages, so will be getting some use.

What happens in terms of how Bing’s market share is affected by this, time will only tell but what should be noted is that Bing is getting more traffic and so more users too. Keep this in mind when running your SEO campaign and make sure all your SEO efforts are not just focussed on Google, which remains the significant market leader in the UK and worldwide and is the main focus of every SEO campaign.

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