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MP raises concern over uncorrected spelling errors in UK schools

MP raises concern over uncorrected spelling errors in UK schools

An MP has raised the issue of spelling errors failing to be corrected by teachers at a UK secondary school. Andrew Selous, who represents South West Bedfordshire, became aware of the situation when he was contacted by a worried parent. The un-named school has a policy of correcting a maximum of three spelling mistakes for each piece of work, to avoid damaging pupils’ confidence.

A spokesperson for the Campaign for Real Education has claimed that the policy is used in schools across the UK in a number of subjects including English. Mr Selous has requested a debate on the issue, voicing his fears that if pupils are not taught spelling to a satisfactory standard, their later job prospects could be affected.

The concern about this issue is part of a wider fear that educational standards are slipping. There is great competition for jobs and higher education courses. Spelling errors are among the factors that can create the wrong impression and harm an individual’s chances of being short-listed. School leavers may lack the experience of older candidates and so there is extra importance placed on having a word-perfect application or CV.

Issues around correct spelling and grammar are also rife online and these are frequently named as being deciding factors in whether or not Internet users decide to trust a website. Demand for freelance copywriters has grown as there is more and more pressure on website owners to create regular, well-written content in order to attract readers.

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