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Motor companies engage Facebook

Motor companies engage Facebook

Car manufacturers have whopping budgets for advertising, and go about promoting their latest vehicles in a variety of ways. Traditionally, this involves vast wads of cash expended on CGI laden television adverts, paying for billboards across the country or splashing out on a Brian May song. Remember Ford’s ‘Driven By You’ advert? Thought not. However, recent developments indicate that this is set to change.

Car manufacturers are now warming to the idea of Facebook. Toyota, in celebration of their eco-friendly hybrid Prius model being available in the United States for a decade (the one Jeremy Clarkson now loves after learning that Cameron Diaz has one), has launched a competition on Facebook to find the world’s number one Prius fan.

So you have a Prius Cameron? Always loved them, wonderful cars.

The company is seeking eco warriors, efficient drivers and all round Prius nuts to send photos or videos demonstrating their love for their souped-up milk float. The lucky, lucky winner will get to host the official Toyota Prius anniversary celebrations in their home town this coming October. Now doubt Jezza is charging his camera this instant!

Not to be outdone in the social media marketing stakes, Mazda – after having cheesed off countless people with its ‘Zoom Zoom’ adverts – has devised an exquisite new torture for users of Facebook who are bedevilled by invites to Mob Wars and Farmville. DriverVille has been designed to promote the US and Canada launch of their new hatchback, the Mazda2, and it allows players to create an avatar and interact with each other in an effort to acquire ‘Driver Bucks’ which can be used to buy virtual items.

Why’, I hear amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth, ‘would they want to inflict that upon us?

Easy; because it works.

There’s no escaping the fact that social media marketing can make an impact. What you will need is some advice from an SEO expert, and if you choose a reputable search engine optimisation company, you won’t need the marketing budget of someone like Ford to make a big impression, or the charms of Cameron Diaz to sway people towards your product.

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