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More Google products to be discarded

More Google products to be discarded

Google have announced that more of its products are to be discontinued, via the official Google blog. The “communications channels” which are maintained by Google are also going to be cut back. Google Apps for Teams is one of the first products to be axed, which was launched in 2008. Users of Google Apps for Teams could work together using Google Tools without having to have a Gmail address. According to Max Ibel from Google, the product wasn’t as useful as initially thought.

Google’s Listen App is also on the list to be removed from its library of products. This will be replaced with Google Play which provides greater access to a range of podcast apps. Any users who have Google Listen will find that after 1st November this year, podcast search won’t work. Google Video for Business is another product to be axed. Videos which have been hosted by the service will be transferred to Google Drive of a user. The videos won’t be included when calculating the space used on Google’s cloud storage service. Ibel said:

“Technology has the power to change people’s lives. But to make a difference, we need to carefully consider what to focus on, and make hard decisions about what we won’t pursue.

“This enables us to devote more time and resources giving you products you love, and making them better for you.”

As Google scales down its list of products, the changes could mean more work for companies with an SEO campaign, whether they are in a city like Liverpool or in a rural area.

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