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More Britons now have access to web devices

Hand on keyboard

More Britons now have access to web devices

A recent poll has found that UK households have, on average, almost eight items that can connect to the internet.

The data, which came from a YouGov survey of more than 2,000 consumers in Britain, revealed the extent to which Brits are now able to access the web through multiple devices. Apart from making it easier for the public to connect with peers and search for information, this would also mean that online news providers and website marketing experts can be surer of people having easy access to their sites.

It was found that on average, British families have 7.4 web-enabled devices in their homes. Furthermore, around 40% had bought a tablet during the last year. In fact, it was revealed that 70% of households now have at least one tablet, with 11% of families owning three or more.

Amongst the various tech items, smartphones were found to be most common, with 1.7 devices per UK household on average. This was followed by laptops (1.3) and then tablets (1.2).

When the respondents were queried over their use of the web and their devices, 51% reported that they carried out banking and finance tasks with them. Meanwhile, news suppliers would be pleased to know that 42% use their internet-enabled machines to keep abreast of current events.

The retail sector also saw a cut of web traffic, with 38% going online for their shopping. Further, it was found that keeping connected with peers was important, as 37% took to the internet to maintain relationships with family and friends.

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