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Mobile search breaks the 10% search mark

Mobile search breaks the 10% search mark

Internet marketing and SEO commentators have been waiting for a mobile search landmark, and the time may just have come. A US-based internet analytics company has released a study that indicates that mobile search has broken the 10% barrier.

The report showed that mobile search accounted for 10.2% of studied paid search impressions for the first quarter of 2011.

With a limited sample size, this number isn’t a definitive answer to most experts’ questions about the potential of mobile marketing, but it certainly marks the steady growth of mobile search.

The report also stated that the mobile market represented 9.8% of all paid clicks for the studied time period. This is a significant increase from 3.8% at the same time last year.

The company’s findings agree with the general trend reported by various areas of the search industry. The report is remarkable, however, in that it provided slightly more optimistic results on click-through rates than is generally thought. The report showed a steady increase in click-through rates in comparison with desktop browsing, with mobile click-through rates actually outpacing desktop rates during November and December last year.

The increase in the success of PPC for mobile internet could be an indication of the growing normality of mobile browsing. As internet users get more used to browsing the net on mobile devices, things like mobile search engine optimisation and mobile-specific marketing practices will become more important to the average business. Those involved in SEO, and sales jobs in general, will certainly have to consider the mobile market as a factor from here on in.

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