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Woman using mobile phone

Mobile app market shows continued rise despite pandemic

Woman using mobile phone

Mobile app market shows continued rise despite pandemic

According to a new report published by App Annie, the mobile app economy is experiencing a growth in terms of download numbers, total sessions and total time spent within an app.

The report shows that people are downloading more apps to their devices, adopting apps faster and spending more time within them. The report was commissioned by social networking giant Facebook and it analyses the evolution of the app market over the last five years.

Data shows that the growth of the app market has been significant, with the average consumer now spending around a quarter of their waking life within a mobile app, and this is showing no signs of letting up. In 2019, the average user spent just over three hours a day in apps, compared to just over two hours in 2015.

The market is now more diverse, with the top 100 apps consisting of new entrants, different categories and different creators. New apps are also gaining traction at a faster rate than five years ago, with more apps experiencing one million downloads and reaching the one million active monthly user mark quicker.

According to the report’s data, in 2019, the average user had 93 apps installed on their mobile phone, using around 41 of these on a regular basis. This was up from 85 apps and 35 regulars from 2015.

App Annie’s report also considers 2020 and suggests that despite the coronavirus pandemic, engagement with mobile apps has continued to increase.

As businesses start to reopen after the arrival of the COVID-19 and the resulting government-imposed lockdowns, they are looking at new ways that they can reach their customers in a safe way. Apps have been a part of this, especially in the hospitality sector, with more pubs, bars and restaurants adopting them as a contactless way for customers to order.

Businesses are constantly looking at ways in which they can adapt as both the global climate and customer needs change. As the pandemic has demonstrated so clearly, businesses must have some kind of online presence and offering. This could be through the development of a mobile app if necessary, or an improved and comprehensive strategy for their website and how it helps customers interact with them.

If you need help reviewing your online strategy, or if you want to get the best from your website as more of the business world moves online, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Engage Web.

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