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Misspelled sign

Misspelled sign leads to mayoral embarrassment

Misspelled sign

Misspelled sign leads to mayoral embarrassment

A sign advertising land for sale in Edmonton, Canada, led to a resigned Twitter response from the city’s mayor after a glaring typo went viral on the internet.

The advertising hoarding declared that a “Multi Family Opertunity” was up for grabs for those looking to purchase some land and build their own house. In addition to the word ‘opportunity’ being spelled incorrectly, the contact website was also wrong.

Sadly, the bloopers were not restricted to just the one sign; they found their way onto a total of five that were located around the city, which is the capital of the western Alberta province.

Passersby were less than impressed. Television station CTV was on the spot to interview locals, with one man saying:

“I think that somebody should’ve caught it obviously, before it got posted.”

The gaffe was tweeted at Don Iveson, Edmonton’s mayor, who responded with a sigh and a resigned plea for the problem to be resolved:

Several hours after his request, a sign shop employee visited each location to rectify the mistakes. However, by this time it was too late, as the news providers had picked up on the story, helping it to go viral.

A spokesperson for Edmonton said:

“The errors were brought to our attention yesterday and we’ve been working with the sign vendor to address it immediately.

“This was an unfortunate mistake in a small print run of signs, and we are looking into how it happened in this case.”

Another spokesperson said that the city administration is looking carefully at its proofreading measures in a bid to prevent this happening again. The official admitted that mistakes are made, but that they are usually corrected before any content is released.

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