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Mind the app – tube passengers warned to be careful with devices

Mind the app – tube passengers warned to be careful with devices

London Underground passengers are being warned to be more careful with their mobile phones, after a spate of delays were caused by people dropping their devices.

There has also been an increase in passengers climbing down to recover their much-loved handsets. With high voltage electricity passing through the tracks, many are risking the safety of themselves and those around them.

Since the start of the year, many stations on the network have provided a Wi-Fi service, allowing passengers to catch up with their social networks, emails and news feeds.

Prior to last year, when a trial Wi-Fi service was introduced for the London Olympics, the majority of Tube stations were off the grid. With technological advances though, the deep stations can now be connected.

Such is the problem, a special announcement is being trialled on the busy Victoria Line asking passengers to take greater care.

Dean Holer, the stations manager for the line said:

“We’re asking customers on the Victoria Line to be more careful with their mobile and smart phones while waiting for a train. In some instances customers have put their own safety at risk by attempting to get down onto the electrified track to retrieve their property”

The message being played at stations says:

“Please ensure you stand well back from the platform edge when using your mobiles and smartphones.”

However, in some corners of the web, the news has caused bemusement. Popular Underground blogger Annie Mole has queried whether the messages should also include warnings for those reading books, magazines and newspapers.

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