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Millennials choose hotel rooms for Instagram-ability rather than price

Instagram hotel

Millennials choose hotel rooms for Instagram-ability rather than price

According to data collated by American mobile travel app, HotelTonight, millennials are willing to spend a little more money to book a hotel room that will look good on Instagram instead of booking a room for the best price.

These findings highlight the influence of social media on the way we behave, and further showcase the changing life goals of each generation. Research from Mintel discovered that travelling was more important to millennials than starting a family, paying off a student loan or purchasing a “big ticket” item such as a house or a car. Older generations were more likely to have a home and a family by the time they entered their thirties.

HotelTonight allows travellers and holidaymakers to find and book discounted last minute accommodation from one to seven days in advance. Its research found that millennials were more likely to opt for a heavily discounted luxury room over a standard room at full price, even if the standard room worked out to be cheaper.

Furthermore, the company found that millennials are increasingly booking boutique hotels with unique vibes rather than turning to some of the larger branded chains. These choices have been influenced by what others are posting on social media sites such as Instagram, which are providing inspiration for this age category to find something unique, shareable and in tune with their tastes, instead of something cheap and universal.

A study conducted by Internet Marketing Inc. found that 97% of millennials will post an update on at least one social media platform whilst they are travelling, with 75% of them posting something on a daily basis. The statistics also revealed that 60% of travelling millennials are willing to upgrade their travel, change their travel itinerary or purchase Wi-Fi in order to access their social media accounts, in comparison to the older generations who would travel with the goal of spending as little money as possible.

A report from MMGY Global showed that millennials now represent the largest segment of the business travel market in the US, with this group taking an average of 7.7 business trips over the past 12 months. Furthermore, 77% of these travellers are likely to turn these business trips into a vacation, in comparison to 58% of Generation X and 43% of baby boomers.

These changes in attitudes to life and social media are also influencing the platforms in which travel is now booked. Millennials are now twice as likely to book all of their travel on a mobile device compared to those over the age of 35, according to the findings of HotelTonight, which found an increase of 53% in the number of users of its mobile app.


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