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Microsoft takes a nibble at Google

Microsoft takes a nibble at Google

The latest Search Engine and Social Analysis from Hitwise has shown that Bing and Ask search engines, both operated by Microsoft, have increased their market share.

However, whilst this is certainly positive news, there may well be little to get excited about.

Both sites had the best growth in regards to the search market, through the October period. Bing sites increased their share by 0.22 per cent. For their part, Ask sites increased their share of the market by 0.18 per cent.

These, and other increases by smaller used search engines resulted in a slight fall in Google’s market share. Google is still dominant in all areas of the world though, so the news is unlikely to have anyone at Google leaping from tall buildings.

For Bing though, it is good news. Previous months have seen its share fall, so to reverse this trend is certainly going to be welcome. It comes at a good time too, with Christmas just around the corner.

Yahoo! sites maintain their position at second, and are steadily increasing their share.

Overall, the Hitwise figures showed that there was a monthly increase of six per cent in the total number of searches. This is a huge increase, and indicative of the world continuing to switch online. A bigger audience for companies to attract too, websites need to perform well.

Whilst other search engines do exist, Google being still so dominant in the market means these websites need to be optimised to rank highly on their SERPs.

It is here that SEO strategy needs to be targeted, and here that really matters when your SEO strategy is being created.

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