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Microsoft phone

Microsoft releases new multimedia ads

Microsoft phone

Microsoft releases new multimedia ads

Tech giant Microsoft has launched a new type of ad – multimedia ads.

This new format is a responsive type of ad. In essence, these multimedia ads will use machine learning to provide audiences with a combination of headlines, descriptions and images from advertisers in the form of engaging advertisements that grab attention.

Here’s an example of a multimedia ad:

Multimedia ad

These new ads will feature on search pages for Bing, and they’ll receive a prominent position either at the top of the results page or on the right-hand side. On each page of search results, only one multimedia ad will be displayed, meaning just one advertiser can make use of this new ad type per page. Due to this, Microsoft has released a new feature for bidding on ads, called bid adjustment settings. With this, hopeful advertisers can set an extra modifier for their bids for multimedia ads – for example, increasing their bids by 20% in relation to their bids for standard ads.

As of yesterday, multimedia ads are available to users worldwide. Search Engine Journal describes the process of setting up these ads as extremely similar to that of the creation of responsive display ads on Google.

In addition to this, Microsoft Ads will provide advertisers with recommendations for multimedia ads based on their existing text and image ads, along with stock image recommendations, which are set to be released soon. These recommendations will appear for seven days, in which advertisers can choose to dismiss or apply them. Once the seven-day period is over, the recommendations will be automatically applied, but advertisers can choose to opt out of the automatic applications if they wish.

Microsoft also has plans in the works to release additional features for multimedia ads in the future. These include retail capabilities to combine the ads with product feeds, additional locations to display the ads, new bidding strategies and ways to import ad assets from other platforms.

These new ads will provide advertisers with an engaging new way to reach potential customers, and by only having one multimedia ad per search result page, those that secure their ad spot are more likely to grab people’s attention.

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