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Microsoft receive criticism for IE8 update

Microsoft receive criticism for IE8 update

What browser do you use to surf the Internet? Most people use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is currently on its eight version, yet our traffic stats tell us that more people using Firefox read our website than the Internet average.

This is a good thing, because Firefox is a browser that doesn’t do anything ‘questionable’ when it’s installing an update. The same however can’t be said for Microsoft and their Internet Explorer 8.

According to Hakon Wium Lie, who is the CTO of Opera (another browser) Microsoft are doing their level best to alienate customers and force them to drop IE in favour of another browser, one that doesn’t try to force itself onto their machines, such as Firefox, Opera or Google’s Chrome.

The recent problems for Microsoft came about because of their Windows Update, which featured some ‘high priority’ updates for IE8. Anyone who accepted the ‘high priority’ updates found that IE8 was installed as their default browser, overruling any previous preferences.

Hakon Wium Lie stated:

Users who don’t read the small print will find that their browser preference is overridden when they run IE8. I believe this is both illegal and immoral.

What browser do you use to surf the web?

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